The safety of our clients and our service providers is something we take very seriously.  

Client Safety 

To ensure your comfort and security, all our service providers go through an extensive background and credentials check including: 

  • Criminal record check 
  • Qualifications and certifications check 
  • In-person interviews  
  • Training  

In addition, all our providers can be reviewed and rated. While our goal is exemplary service, we welcome constructive feedback. However, we will not tolerate any forms of abuse in our reviews.  

Service Provider Safety 

  • Provide ID when registering 
  • Verify customer profiles and ID with a selfie 
  • Same day payments are done securely through the app 
  • Service providers can provide customer ratings and reviews 
  • Safety training  

We take our service providers safety as seriously as we do our clients. If at any time you feel concerned for your safety, please leave the clients property and phone GO’s emergency line.