Why Seaflora?

When it came to looking for a skin care company to partner with us, Seaflora just made sense.

Our two companies share a common vision to inspire people to prioritize the healing powers of wellness focused products and service.

Seaflora Skincare is naturally sourced in Sooke, British Columbia, Canada. It is the perfect skincare choice for wellness seekers around the world. If you’re looking for genuine, nontoxic, organic and nutrient rich skincare – you’ll LOVE Seaflora.



How Seaflora is different

Seaflora is the first skincare line in the world to use raw, organic seaweeds in its formulations. Not dried, not bleached, not powdered. The seaweeds are nutrient-rich, glistening with healing, mineral-rich ocean water and vibrantly healthy.

Seaflora leads the new wave of natural beauty, reimagined.

Seaflora is real and authentic, and so are the products. The freshness and wild nature of their hand-harvested seaweeds and ocean mud is something no one can replicate. It is the force of nature and the beauty of the wild coast you experience when you choose Seaflora.

All Seaflora products start with a 100% pure, proprietary blend of wild, coastal seaweeds. Real, raw seaweeds infused into their skincare is what makes Seaflora different and why they were our go to choice for authentic nontoxic seaweed skincare.

With Seaflora, you don’t need to sacrifice efficacy for clean and safe skincare choices.

Seaflora uses sustainably harvested ocean ingredients such as wild seaweed and pure ocean mud from the Salish Sea to formulate unique treatments and retail products, while bridging together forest protection initiatives and ocean conservation.

Certified Organic Seaweed Skincare Products

Hand Harvest Seaweeds

All seaweeds infused into every Seaflora Skincare formulation are hand harvested in the nearby Salish Sea.

Seaflora only incorporates whole, wild, raw seaweeds into their product line. No other company in the world meets this standard.

Why Seaweed?

Seaweeds deeply re-mineralize, balance pH levels, fight inflammation and promote overall body health! Super-Food Status: Seaweeds are the richest mineral and vitamin source in the plant kingdom with 10 – 20X higher concentrations than any land plant.

Seaweeds bathe in mineral-rich ocean water creating the most highly mineralized plant form on Earth.

The Benefits

Organic seaweed has many health benefits and offers the best support for modern living because they remove toxins from the body and free up detoxification.

You'll enjoy a brighter complexion, healthier skin and nontoxic beauty results.

Shop the Seaflora products and book your next facial today!