"Thank you so very much! AND thank you for providing services for busy professionals who are not readily able to attend therapy 9-6PM."

— Ruth Dulmage

"I used Nurtured Life for a home bachelorette spa day, and it was WONDERFUL! They came to the house, arrived early, with all of the tools and equipment. Everybody was very professional and did an excellent job!!! I would highly recommend Nurtured Life :)"

— Erica Fraser

"This website was easy to use and I love the options it has! I had a deep tissue massage with an excellent rmt and it was amazing! She is very professional and made me feel very comfortable. Highly recommend her! I also have done hypnosis with Laura and again, I was blown away with how effective it has been. She helped me reach deep within myself and deal with underlying issues that I didn’t even know I had. I now feel lighter and more clear. She was very professional, calming and has this very sweet presence. I highly recommend her as well! These are the first two purchase I have made here and it most definitely won’t be my last!"

— Suzanne Pack

"I was looking for an experienced, compassionate massage therapist for my father. Our rmt exceeded our expectations. We will now be using her regularly as we see a great improvement in his mobility." November 27, 2018

— Samantha Moonsammy

"Nurtured Life has come into our office on several occasions. Every sessions has been tailored to staff and adapted to the environment to make our sessions productive. Excellent providers from Yoga to holistic nutritionists! We are looking forward to our life & fitness coach coming in this week!"

— Jordan Mather

"Loved it! Jas was a great yoga instructor. Hope we get to do it again real soon!" December 4, 2018

— Deb Griese (Brokerlink Employee)

"Our group yoga session at the office was awesome. Thanks Jas!" December 12, 2018

— Sheila James (Veem Employee)

"Our teams really took in what Sandy was talking about regarding the Nutrition workshop. They went into the session saying they were skeptical about the nutrition hour, by the end of it they were captivated and took away some valuable information that they can implement in their day to day lives. Sandy presented the material in a way that was not pushing, did not make you feel guilty about current nutrition habits, but was real and relatable to everyone who was in the training. I’d give Sandy a glowing review and promote her and nurtured life anytime I had the opportunity."

— Brokerlink employee's

"One of the best experiences I've had so far. Extremely convenient and the staff is very friendly. Definitely recommending Nurtured Life." December 14, 2018

— Janice Nehme

"I had never used any of Nurtured Life's services before, but my regular massage place was completely booked and I was in desperate need of treatment for my extremely sore shoulder and back. Even with the business of the holidays, I was able to book a last minute massage with an rmt. She showed up to my place on time, right after the kids went to bed and it was honestly one of the best treatments I've ever had.... and I never left my house! I definitely recommend Nurtured Life!" December 16, 2018

— Matt E

"I can't say enough about this service! A Nurtured Life rmt came to our home and gave me the best massage. She also provided massages for my TMJ. Best part- I was in my bed before she even left my driveway. Highly recommended!" December 13, 2018

— Penny Foster

"Tonight, I had my first Spa experience in the comfort of my own home. Heather, an esthetician from Nurtured Life, arrived 15 min before my appointment, to set up her equipment before my hour long facial. She used Seaflora skincare, a Canadian line sourced from British Columbia. I actually had seaweed applied to my face, not once, but 3 times. It was heavenly, and my face now feels like velvet. When Heather had finished my facial service, she packed up and I was able to sit and relax with a glass of wine, instead of driving home in a cold car. I will definitely book another Nurtured Life home service." December 18, 2018

— Maureen Break Coates

"I booked a massage with a Nurtured Life RMT, after waking up with a kink in my neck. I was able to book the same day and she came right to my door. It was an excellent experience!"

— Alana Patricia

"I had a fabulous Prenatal Massage today and can’t tell you enough what a wonder experience it was! I’m definitely booking again. I was very comfortable, and feel so much better! I highly recommend it."

— Shan-Lee JV

"I have been doing all the shoveling this winter as my husband has been recovering from foot surgery, and desperately needed a massage but couldn’t find any availability at any nearby spots this weekend. Nurtured Life was recommended to me on our community FB page and I was able to book pretty quickly and she did an AMAZING job! I have tendinitis that flares up periodically and she did such a great job at relieving that. I would highly recommend her, and I will definitely be booking again!"

— Michelle Stinziano

"I cannot say enough good things about Nurtured Life! I contacted them today as I had pulled something in my back, and was in a lot of pain. My rmt was able to accommodate a same day booking, which I was so grateful for. She was so friendly, professional, and overall amazing. I will for sure be booking again, and I would highly recommend her."

— Sarah Ottman Levine