Our Purpose

We are a mobile health and wellness company offering you convenient access to a marketplace of mobile services in Ottawa. From Registered Massage Therapy,  Spa Services, Personal Training, Yoga, Holistic Nutrition, Reiki and Life Coaching; we bring wellness to you!

Our company was founded by working moms who know exactly how hard it is to find time to nurture one’s personal wellness. But we believe we all owe it to ourselves to make it a priority.

Nurtured Life was born of a desire to promote the benefits of living a nurtured life, grounded in simple, intuitive, self-wellness practices. 

Our goal  is to make wellness easier to access and integrate into your daily life, on your schedule, on your terms.

Our mission  is to inspire people to live a more nurtured life by adopting a wellness first mindset. 

Our core values


To ensure we are offering our customers access to high quality, well-trained and vetted wellness practitioners.



We believe generosity is the key to self-fulfillment, whether that is sharing wellness advice, or giving back to people and their communities.


We believe flexibility to prioritize wellness gives you the freedom to design the life that makes sense for you.


We believe the path to self-empowerment starts with nurturing all aspects of your health and wellness.