Meet our awesome team of mobile wellness providers in Ottawa who specialize in a variety of wellness areas, from registered massage therapy, aesthetics and makeup application to yoga, personal training, holistic nutrition and alternative healing therapies. Each of our providers comes with their own unique experience, but they all share a common passion for wellness and a desire to help Nurtured Life clients achieve their goals.

Meet our providers!


Amanda Hobbs

Amanda is an innovative yoga healing and wellness practitioner. She is a certified yoga practitioner – specializing in prenatal practice – and is also certified Reiki Healer. She started her journey as a yoga teacher and embarked into her first YTT program while her oldest was 9 months old. Her journey to Reiki began much earlier in her career – the healing benefits to her were so powerful, she decided to pursue her Master Reiki certification as well. She credits her children as her inspiration to follow her heart and spiritual healing path. She uses techniques that help cut and clear cords that have been holding you back and keep you stuck.


Amilia is a fully licensed medical aesthetician, who graduated with honours from Versaille Academy. Her main goal is to leave you feeling your best! Amilia has a reputation of being outgoing, friendly and honest, and makes sure your satifaction is met before the service is over. Amilia specializes in skincare and relaxation massage, and also has two years experience creating eyelash extensions to best suit your features.


Christopher completed his 200 hour yoga teacher training at the Smith Falls Yoga and Wellness Centre. He also works as a mental health counselor. Having an academic background in psychology and psychotherapy, enhances how Christopher teaches his classes, especially with students who are coping with various mental health issues. Working with his Nurtured Life clients, he aims to balance pranayama (breathing exercises) and asanas (poses) in a way that allows them to discover their own connection to yoga, but also giving them the opportunity to challenge themselves in an environment that is peaceful and free from judgement.


Jas Bhandal

Jas is a passionate yogi and certified RYT 500, deeply committed to making yoga accessible to every BODY, no matter your health and fitness level. She prides herself in helping her Nurtured Life clients improve their mental and physical well-being and has spent the last 15 years cultivating a holistic approach to my yoga practice centered around mindfulness. Jas leads yoga teacher training, transformative group classes and wellness retreats. Her specialties include corporate group sessions, strength and technical practices, working with individuals with anxiety, working with people who are healing from injury, sports teams and athletes, prenatal, alignment workshops, and spine and hip health.


Katherine Krivanek

Katherine is a registered holistic nutritionist from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and a certified personal trainer from the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology. She is passionate about helping her clients achieve their health and wellness goals using a holistic approach to whole-body wellness. Katherine looks for nutritional imbalances in the diet, as well as contributing factors from lifestyle, stress levels, emotional and environmental influences. Each coaching plan she creates is tailored to suit client-specific needs, aims to restore a healthy balance, and consists of uncomplicated real foods for real life. Her areas of focus are, but not limited to: optimizing everyday nutrition, weight loss and sports performance, hormonal balancing, and digestive healing for clients of all ages. Katherine tries to help clients of all ages and activity levels to decrease their pain and return to optimal functioning by utilizing patient education, exercise, and hands-on therapy.


Kelly is an accredited coach, public speaker and workshop facilitator. She’s also a wife and mom of two boys from Ottawa. Upon becoming a mom to her first son, Clyde, Kelly describes that her entire outlook on life changed. She uncovered a big, beautiful vision for herself and for her family and pursued it wholeheartedly; resigning from her then corporate job and building a life with time and financial freedom. Today, Kelly specializes in helping women tap into their own beautiful life visions and facilitating transformations so that every woman feels vibrantly healthy, is unshakeably confident, experiences meaningful connection and lives with deep joy every day. She’s known amongst her clients and her colleagues to be an exceptional and passionate coach that lives and breathes what she teaches.


Kelsey Payne

Kelsey is a registered holistic nutritionist from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and Reiki practitioner. Born and raised on a farm in Manotick, Ontario, her upbringing allowed her to appreciate the importance of how food travels from farm to table. She recognizes the importance of how incorporating fresh, local foods into meal plans cultivates enriching lives for her clients. Working with supplements in a nutrition store has shown Kelsey the wide range of benefits we can get through different vitamins and minerals. In addition to her nutrition-focus, Kelsey often includes aromatherapy and Reiki in her practice. Aromatherapy has many amazing benefits and uses that can enhance experiences in day-to-day life.


Kristy Wood-Giles

Kristy is a Life and Fitness Coach. Her passion for inspiring people to create change in their environment was born from her own struggle to cope with debilitating chronic illness. Her experience motivated her to pursue a vibrant path to health and wellness. She has deep empathy for those that struggle to make valuable change in their lives and prides herself on her ability to help her clients, no matter their background or health status, identify and integrate healthy lifestyle choices to increase their overall vitality.


Laura Thomas

Laura is a certified yoga instructor having earned her 200 hour RYT and also has a 30 hour Advanced Yin and Meditation training. She has a BA in philosophy and psychology, is a certified consulting hypnotist a 5-Path advanced hypnotist and now holds an online Certification for Hypnosis. Laura offers a unique approach to her yoga practices which includes the healing powers of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). Using EFT at the beginning and end of a yoga practice is a powerful way to bring students into this ideal state. Tapping on the energy points for just a few minutes brings the body and mind into a very relaxed, focused state. As a certified 5-PATH she helps people work through any given issue within a few sessions.


Matt Evans 

Matt is a personal trainer and holistic coach who helps his Nurtured Life clients reach their health and fitness goals. Health and wellness has been his passion for almost 25 years. Matt believes that healthy change for the body, mind and spirit make you better in all aspects of your life! Matt has 17 years of personal training experience and has worked with a variety of clientele in helping them achieve their wellness goals, from fat loss, strength training, endurance, bodybuilding, injury prevention and balance/symmetry. His areas of specialty include: coaching on proper form, posture, technique and tempo of exercises; customized nutrition plans and supplementation to optimize results; mind, body, spirit integrated coaching for holistic balanced wellness.


Perry Richardson

Perry is certified RYT 200 yoga practitioner specializing in group and men’s yoga (especially those new to practice) to help improve vitality, ease pain and tension and share relaxation techniques. Perry focuses on Hatha yoga and spinal health in particular. After ten years of committed practice, Perry enjoys sharing what he has learned in his teacher training with those that can benefit from his teachings the most. Perry believes that slowing down and relaxing has incredibly healing value.


Sandy Gard

A registered holistic nutritionist with the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and certified Reiki Master, Sandy works with her clients to support them with healing tools to restore well-being and a sense of balance. She is interested in understanding the root cause of any health challenges you may be experiencing. Sandy will formulate a targeted nutrition plan based on your personal circumstances.  Sandy specializes in individualized nutrition assessments and strategies; nutrition tactics to alleviate pain/inflammation; managing anxiety through diet, Reiki, and thought/behavioural modification; clearing issues that are preventing you from being the best version of yourself; and lifestyle coaching.


Sarah Pettingill-Magee

Sarah is a professional makeup artist, providing mobile services to the Ottawa area. She studied Makeup Artistry at Algonquin College and absolutely loved the program. She offers a wide variety of makeup services including bridal, special events, graduation, prom, photography and special effects applications. She is constantly researching and learning about new techniques and products to ensure you not only look you best self, but that you feel it too!


Rackal has experience in the medical aesthetics field and has taken many emplacements as a makeup artist and medical aesthetician. She was a makeup artist for over 10 years and has worked with a variety of customers. She has obtained a great amount of knowledge, skills and experience working for many different makeup brands, hair salons and freelance. Rackal attended Versailles Academy for Makeup Artistry and Laser Hair Technician. She also has training in Microdermabrasion, Waxing and Electrolysis. She hopes to help customers see more beauty within themselves, help add a smile and elevate their level of happiness with the use of makeup artistry.


Sylvie is a bilingual Registered Optician from the College of Opticians of Ontario with over 15 years of optical experience. Unlike most opticians who work at a set location, Sylvie brings the optical store directly to you! Extremely passionate, detail oriented, eyecare professional who takes pride in work well done. Sylvie wants to help you with your glasses in whatever way will be most convenient. She offers complete eyewear services such as new eyeglass frames and lenses, eyewear consultation, prescription analysis, glasses maintenance, frame adjustments, minor repairs and much more.