5-PATH Hypnosis with EFT package

$750.00 1 hour

5-PATH is an advanced form of hypnosis. It is used to treat issues such as smoking cessation, overeating/weight loss, post-traumatic stress disorders, phobias, fears, anxiety and a number of self-limiting beliefs that tend to originate from childhood.

This is an advanced form of hypnosis using techniques such as age regression. This package includes 6 sessions. Sessions are roughly 1.5 hours.

These sessions require a quiet space and a reclining chair or somewhere to lay your head back. Our provider is available to come to you or should you rather, you are welcome to hold your sessions in Laura’s home office in Alymer, Gatineau.

Our provider, Laura covers the Westboro and Bayshore areas, as well as East Ottawa to downtown.

3 reviews for 5-PATH Hypnosis with EFT package

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    Suzanne Pack

    This website was easy to use and I love the options it has! I had a deep tissue massage with Nicole and it was amazing! She is very professional and made me feel very comfortable. Highly recommend her! I also have done hypnosis with Laura and again, I was blown away with how effective it has been. She helped me reach deep within myself and deal with underlying issues that I didn’t even know I had. I now feel lighter and more clear. She was very professional, calming and has this very sweet presence. I highly recommend her as well! These are the first two purchase I have made here and it most definitely won’t be my last!

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    Wendy Ralph

    I used Laura’s hypnosis service for a personal issue. I felt amazing after our session. Laura is very
    knowledgeable in her field and very professional. you always feel safe in her care, whatever service you choose.

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    As we worked on age regression hypnosis as part of the 5-path hypnosis, it has allowed me to confront myself in situations I did not have control over in the past and to make peace with them, finally resulting on letting go of the awful situations of my childhood such as divorce, father figure issues, low self-esteem, and traumas. After each session, I only felt better and better. Of course I also needed to put the effort for things to flow better in my life. Using the EFT tapping also helped me to overcome my fears of hearing aggressive sounds (especially aggressive voice tones). It also helped me overcome my stage fright and just simply enjoy playing the drums without worrying what others might think of me. For the very first time, I was able to enjoy performing!

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