Holistic Nutrition Overhaul 4 sessions

$450.00 90 minutes

Our team of experienced Holistic Nutritionists recognize that everyone is biochemically unique with their own personalized goals, lifestyles and health concerns. A holistic nutrition overhaul is ideal for those who want to make significant changes for long term benefits with enhanced support.

Our nutritionist will gather extensive information from you to do a proper assessment in order to determine the root cause of your nutrition issues and how to best help you reach your goals. The recommended protocol will assist in bringing your body systems back into balance for improved health. This approach is particularly beneficial for those with specific health concerns such as diabetes, cardiovascular conditions, autoimmune disease, digestive issues, hormonal imbalances or for those who would like to reach their ideal weight.

The first sit-down will require a minimum of 90 minutes. In session 2 (60 minutes), the nutritionist will share the report of findings with you and discuss the ideal approach moving forward! In the 3rd session, the nutritionist offers further support and will implement a few more directives, as too many changes at once can be overwhelming.

Depending on your unique protocol, sessions 4 and 5 may require more adaptations to be rolled out. These last sessions are important for support to keep you on track. The last 3 sessions would only require 30 minutes each and may be done via phone or Skype, if requested.

Our providers:

Kelsey covers the south end of Ottawa.

Sandy covers the Ottawa area.

Danielle covers the Ottawa area.



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