Our Leadership

  • Nurtured Life is a proudly Canadian, female founded and operated, start-up company based out of Ottawa. Our leadership team includes a dynamic and talented tribe of entrepreneurs.

Bree Jamieson-Holloway
Co-Founder and CEO

Bree’s passion for helping others and her deep spiritual connection is what drove the idea for Nurtured Life. A lawyer by trade, a certified Executive and Life Coach, a wife and mother of two beautiful daughters, Bree knows first-hand the restorative benefits of personal wellness. 

Emma Pearce-Mogridge
Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer

Emma and her young family moved to Canada from the UK just over a year ago. A trained child and adolescent counsellor, specializing in behaviour management, Emma’s compassion for others has deeply motivated her connection with Nurtured Life.  

Stéfanie Bolduc
Chief Marketing Officer

Our crafty and creative, Stéfanie brings over a decade of marketing experience to the team table every day. A yoga teacher in training, she practices what she preaches and is firmly committed to all things wellness.

Nicole Devlin
Chief Business Development Officer

With diverse experience in business operations, customer services and wellness therapies, Nurtured Life was a natural fit for Nicole. An accredited RMT, she is a strong advocate for self-care and personal wellness.

Michelle Coates-Mather
Director, Content Marketing and Communications

Michelle is a big promoter of redefining work-life culture that makes sense for today’s modern world. An experienced marketing and communications specialist, passionate story-teller, wife and mama to two busy kiddos, Michelle knows what it feels like to juggle it all.