By Bree Jamieson-Holloway  

It’s hard to say exactly when my journey towards creating Nurtured Life began. Was it when I became a lawyer and was working 70 plus hours per week? Was it after the birth of my first daughter, or maybe after my second? As the years progressed, my days seemed to keep getting fuller and my focus on others kept growing. I was spending my days  tirelessly juggling the responsibilities of being a mom, wife, professional, friend, daughter, sister, landlady, entrepreneur… the list seemed to go on forever.

Then, one day, it hit me. When was Bree getting a chance to just be Bree? I was so busy trying to be everything to everyone else; I was forgetting to allow time to just be me.

Holding on to gratitude

I knew I had to do something to bring back some focus to myself. I needed to remind myself what was real, what was important; to appreciate and hold gratitude for all the blessings in my life.

So I began giving myself five minutes everyday for solitude. Five minutes, at first, seemed like all I could afford without feeling guilty. Soon these five minutes became my happy place. I wasn’t ignoring my family, friends or commitments. I was simply taking time out for me, and wow, was I starting to see a change in myself!

I began to feel calmer, happier and more relaxed, just because I took some time to do…nothing. Around this time, I became a certified Life and Executive Coach. Coaching inspired me to help others make time for wellness as well. Equally, I was teaching people how to become entrepreneurs and not be afraid to take the leap into owning their own business.

It was shortly after this, that the concept of Nurtured Life appeared to me during a meditation. I had been having interesting visions while meditating for a while. Things that had been sitting in my subconscious for years were all of a sudden becoming clear and I couldn’t believe the positive impact they were having on my life. As soon as I learned to quiet my mind and just listen, everything became so much simpler. Then, during one particularly deep meditation, it became crystal clear. An idea drawn out in such perfect detail, right in front of me. When I finished meditating, I immediately started scribbling it all down until I had a road map of what I wanted to build. Nurtured Life was born.

Taking a wellness first mindset

For me, Nurtured Life isn’t just a company. It’s about bringing together a tribe of individuals who are taking back control over their wellness, health and ultimately their lives. Nurtured Life is about so much more than a business strategy or about professional freedom. It is about helping to redefine how we begin to take a wellness first mindset. How we begin to accept that it’s okay, in fact necessary, to prioritize our own personal health needs, in a world that increasingly seems to pit one person’s “busy” against another’s “busy”. We’ve forgotten what it means to be still with ourselves, to be kind to our minds and bodies…to just breath.

Wellness shouldn’t be something we put on the back burner to get back to later. Being the best possible and most authentic you should be something you make time for every day – however it makes sense for you. Enjoy your “me” minutes; no matter how long they actually end up being.

I am here to tell you, you are worth it!

Bree Jamieson-Holloway is the CEO of Nurtured Life Company. She is a lawyer by trade, an Executive and Life Coach, a wife and mother to two beautiful daughters. Bree is the powerhouse captain that steers the Nurtured Life team. Her passion for helping others and her deep spiritual connection is what drove the idea of Nurtured Life to fruition.