Ready to refresh those new year resolutions? Join our 28-day wellness challenge!

The dust is settling on those New Year resolutions. You feel your motivation beginning to wane. You feel frustrated and disappointed.

We’re here to tell you. It’s OK. Health and wellness are a process, a journey. Not a race.

So, if you need to, give yourself permission to hit the reset button on your resolutions.

Let’s start fresh, together:

We’re challenging all of our awesome followers to start a 28-day wellness-first challenge in February. You can do this on your own, with your spouse or partner, bestie, or even your colleagues. We have found our clients have an easier time of succeeding in meeting their wellness goals when they have a tribe of people they care about motivating them and pursuing the same goals together.

Your challenge is to prioritize a wellness-mindset into your daily life. Great! What does that mean you ask? To us, a wellness-mindset is about telling yourself that your health and wellness matters. That you deserve to take care of your needs, that you are worth the time and investment.

The beauty of the wellness-mindset is, it’s as unique as you are. It’s deeply personal. Wellness is all about finding the things, people, strategies and tactics that bring more joy into your life. It could be learning to mediate, having a weekly facial, cutting back on sugar, eating more vegetables, finding gratitude, updating your makeup style, or incorporating exercise into your daily routine.

Your challenge is to trust yourself to make the right decision about what wellness means to you and how you can best incorporate it.

Here are a few things to keep in mind to get you started:

  1. Be clear about you ‘why’. The key to setting yourself up for success is being crystal clear in your priorities. What to lose 20 pounds? Great! Why? What to build in more “you time”. Awesome! Why? Want to overhaul your eating habits! Fabulous! Why? Not knowing the why – the driving force behind those new year resolutions is often why people find themselves unable to fulfill them. Your ‘why’ is personal to you – no one will judge you for it. Start by writing down your why before you take care of the what.
  2. Pick-one ‘what’. Research suggests it takes 21 days to begin establishing behavioural change and turning into a habit (at a minimum). You’ll be more successful if you focus on integrating one wellness habit rather than multiple ones into your 28-day challenge. It doesn’t have to be as extreme as “overhaul my diet”, although that’s cool too, it could be something simpler like “eat one more vegetable serving each day”, or “get my body moving 30 minutes each day”, or “practice 5 minutes of meditation each day”.
  3. Track your progress. The valleys and the peaks. Understand that you are human. This doesn’t have to be perfect, it just needs to be purposeful and meaningful to you.
  4. Find your tribe. The reason most people take on health challenges in pairs and groups is because pack mentality is a strong motivator for success. Think of the wellness why and what you’ve set for yourself and engage the people you think might also benefit from incorporating that same challenge then go and engage them. Ask them to join your or support you on your quest to bring wellness back into your life.
  5. Talk to a wellness specialist. If you know your why and what but are still struggling with the how, talk to one of our wellness specialists. They want to see you succeed in taking back control of your life and wellness. Lean on them for advice, guidance and support.
  6. Share your story. We’d love to hear about your wellness challenge. Which “what” did you choose? How are you crushing your goals? What motivates you when you are feeling uninspired? Sharing your successes – and set-backs – is a fabulously authentic way of helping others to succeed and do the same. In fact, consider writing a blog about your experience and sharing it with our Nurtured Life tribe!

Remember these wise words: “There is no one giant step that does it. It’s a lot of little steps.” -Unkown.

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