Are your services providers available in all of Ottawa? Currently, our providers are available across Ottawa. We continue to expand our reach as more and more service providers join our team.  

How do you ensure my safety? The safety of our clients and our service providers is something we take very seriously. Learn more about our approach to safety here.

What are your hours of operation? Our service providers are available between 7:00am and 10:30pm daily. The last available appointment is at 9:30pm.  

Is gratuity included in the price? Gratuity is not mandatory. You are welcome to tip your service provider should you wish.  

What types of services do you offer? We offer access to a variety of mobile wellness services. Visit our bookings section for a full list.

Do I need to give my credit card or can I pay in some other way? Yes, your credit card information is required to complete your online booking. Your personal information is securely stored through our processing provider, Stripe.

Do you provide insurance receipts? Yes, we provide insurance receipts for our RMT and physiotherapy services.  

Why do I need to complete a health history form? The information on the health history form will assist us in treating you safely and effectively. Feel free to ask your provider any questions about the information being requested.  

Can I rebook with a particular massage therapist? Absolutely!  

What is your cancellation policy? Appointments must be rescheduled or a request for a refund received 24 hours prior to your initial booking time. No refunds will be provided after the initial booking time has passed, even if the appointment has been rescheduled.

Do you offer private group or corporate bookings? Absolutely! We will work with you to customize group and corporate bookings that meet your needs. Contact us at [email protected] with the subject line: ‘Corporate wellness services’ and we’ll be in touch!