Corporate Wellness

Corporate culture is increasingly becoming an important factor in a job seeker’s quest to determine whether a company is the right fit for them.

With rising rates of burnout costing companies some of their top talent, smart companies know they can’t afford not to help their employees prioritize their own personal health and wellness goals. The benefits of empowering your employees to take time for themselves each day is undeniable.

Interested in making “wellness time” a part of your corporate culture? 

Nurtured Life can work with you to design a tailored made group wellness service package that will help you meet the wellness needs of your team members. The best part? We bring our services directly to you! Servicing the Ottawa and Toronto areas.  Contact us at [email protected] and download our  corporate wellness packages to learn more!

*New Nurtured Life corporate wellness webinars – Choose from a selection of topics that cover what your employees may be facing right now, we are here to help!

Our mission is to inspire people to live a more nurtured life by adopting a wellness first mindset. We achieve this by making wellness more accessible and easier to integrate into your company’s day to day.

Let us help you and your employees live a more nurtured life.

Our corporate wellness services include:

Emotional Freedom Techniques

Interactive workshop on the process of mindful and intentional tapping (gently, with fingertips) on several acupuncture meridian end-points on the face and upper body. An emotional freedom technique (EFT) intervention utilizes the same pathways/channels found in traditional Chinese energy medicine, whilst also capitalizing on our ability to think about or "tune-in" to our problem or issue in proactive ways. This technique is particularly effective in helping to reduce or eliminate negative emotions, anxiety, pain and helps implement positive goals.

EFT sessions can be given as aa group session focusing on common ailments such as breathing techniques to eliminate stress, or as individual sessions, where employees can have one-on-one time with our specialist to go over specific ailments.

Food Intolerance Testing

Food intolerances are sensitivities to food that affect the digestive system. Symptoms like bloating, gas, bowel issues, bad breath, etc. can all be attributed to food intolerances you may not realize you are suffering from.

This testing is done with the IQS3 food sensitivity-testing program, which communicates with your body to identify where you have a weakness or intolerance. Employees will be able to test 200 different foods and additives, plus leave with a printed report of their findings.

Holistic Nutrition

Everything we put into our bodies impacts our mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. Learn how to read the signs of stress and fatigue in the body, and how the nourishment we provide can help. Learn simple hacks on how to eat well on the go.

Life and Executive Coaching

Life coaching is an opportunity to help you figure out what you want in life and/or your career. Giving employees the opportunity to speak to a coach in their own private session allows them to discuss their problems, challenges and set out goals whether personally or professionally. This is something we can all benefit from, but don’t often take the time to do.

Benefits to employees include lower stress and anxiety levels, mental clarity and increased confidence.

Live Blood Analysis

Live blood analysis is an educational tool used to assess some of the possible nutritional deficiencies in your body. Left unresolved, nutritional deficiencies could lead to disease. Live blood analysis can reveal things like red blood cell health, immune function, yeast overgrowth, parasites, dehydration, hormonal imbalances, and more.

Note: live blood analysis is not a diagnostic test.


In a guided meditation practice, employees will learn how to observe their thoughts without judgement, and to cultivate awareness and compassion in order to achieve mental clarity. The benefits of meditation include reduced stress and anxiety levels, lengthened attention span and improved memory.


We see the term ‘mindfulness’ everywhere we look, but what does it mean? In this session, our provider will explain mindfulness in easy to understand terms, how to implement mindfulness in the office and at home, plus tips and tricks to adopting a more mindful approach to life. The session will be followed by a question and answer period where employees can ask questions specific to them. If time permits, a guided meditation rooted in mindfulness will round off the session.

Motivational Speaking

A presentation on the importance of self-care, including some tips and tricks on how to stay alert, healthy and motivated at work. The presentation will be followed by a question and answer period where employees can ask questions specific to them.

Personal Training

A group workout focusing on the effects different small exercises and movements can have on the body. Key focus is on movement to relieve stress and tension in the muscles, correcting bad posture. Most desk workers suffer from bad posture, which in turn, creates pain and discomfort. This can cause employees to require time off or become distracted and unmotivated.


Our optician will be on hand to give individuals glasses and contact lens assessments and adjustments.

Registered Massage Therapy

Our registered massage therapist(s) (RMT) will be on hand throughout the day to provide individual massages to your employees in the privacy of a meeting room/reserved space or to give employee chair massages. Employees can choose their allotted time, length and style of massage.


Get your body moving through an all-levels yoga session. Challenge your balance, focus and ability to simply be present. Learn how to breathe effectively and calm the nervous system, while lengthening and strengthening the muscles in your body. Enjoy a session of yoga that incorporates both a fun and ‘zenned’ out experience.

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Companies we have worked with:



“Loved it! Jas was a great yoga instructor. Hope we get to do it again real soon!”

— Deb Griese (Brokerlink Employee)


“Nurtured Life has come into our office on several occasions. Every sessions has been tailored to staff and adapted to the environment to make our sessions productive. Excellent providers from Yoga to holistic nutritionists! We are looking forward to our life & fitness coach coming in this week!”

— Jordan Mather


“Our group yoga session at the office was awesome. Thanks Jas!”

— Sheila James (Veem Employee)


“I feel valued as an employee because of sessions like these, they show that the company cares about our well-being. Sometimes, it’s the “small” things that make a big difference”.

Employee (Canadian Science Publishing)


“Our teams really took in what Sandy was talking about regarding the Nutrition workshop. They went into the session saying they were skeptical about the nutrition hour, by the end of it they were captivated and took away some valuable information that they can implement in their day to day lives. Sandy presented the material in a way that was not pushing, did not make you feel guilty about current nutrition habits, but was real and relatable to everyone who was in the training. I’d give Sandy a glowing review and promote her and nurtured life anytime I had the opportunity.”

— Brokerlink employee