By Michelle Coates Mather

The lights you hung with care have come down from your rooftop. The air is chillier today than you remember it being yesterday. You’re still carrying that little extra “holiday weight” you swore you wouldn’t gain this year. Your Visa bill greets you like a cold, harsh slap in the face. Why does it feel like it’s all piling on, today?

Well, according to pop culture, that’s because today is ‘Blue Monday’. The so-called most depressing day of the year. While the science behind the validity of this day is questionable, there’s something about today…. Maybe it’s a combination of the long, cold winter days, lack of vitamin D and pictures of all our besties enjoying the beach.

Whatever it is, today seems to have even the most motivated people feeling a little less so.  

Here are few tips on how to switch your mood from blue to bliss:  

  1. Make a list of the people and things you are grateful for. Your dog, your new kicks, your partner, your stocked fridge, whatever. Write them down and visualize each of them in detail until you get that warm fuzzy feeling of love and happiness.  
  1. Take a break today. Step away from your computer for 30 minutes; grab coffee with a friend, pick-up a new lifestyle magazine, start an impromptu yoga session with your colleagues. Physically shifting gears can help you do the same mentally.  
  1. Do something kind for someone else. Notice the mood in your office isn’t quite as peppy as usual? Walk around and say hello to everyone; buy your colleagues a round of lattes; tell your desk buddy how much you enjoyed their last staff presentation; or how impressive their latest data report was. Lifting someone else’s spirits is a great way to boost your own. 
  1. Have some fun at work today! Yes, we know you have work to do, meetings to attend, and deadlines to meet but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun at the office does it? Have a team lunch and chat about the fun things you did this weekend or send around a funny (but office appropriate) email to encourage some giggles. Laughter is the best medicine as they say. 
  1. Skip the dishes tonight. Why not simplify things for yourself tonight? Give yourself permission to remove a major household task off your plate and opt instead for something that brings you ease. Order-in dinner; book a last minute in-home massage; play a few rounds of apples to apples with your kids; move the pile laundry on your bed to the nearest basket and tackle it tomorrow. Or fold it while watching your favourite sitcom – if folding laundry is your jam. Prioritize a little self-care.  

How are you coping with the blue Monday blues?  

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