Dearest Tribe,

Your health and the health of our providers are of the utmost importance! We want to keep you and your loved ones safe. With the progression and uncertainty of the #COVID-19, we could not risk exposing anyone to sickness. We have made the tough decision to close our in-person offerings until further notice. A tough decision because no business wants to close its door, especially when in its early stages. But it was an important decision to keep everyone safe and healthy.

We have come so far with your support of our in-home and corporate services, and we are so so grateful. Hopefully, we will see you all very soon!

Please take care tribe! Stay safe, enjoy time with loved ones, be well.

*Now virtual! During these difficult times, your self-care and wellbeing are very important. Many of our services like yoga, life coaching, EFT and nutrition have gone virtual via phone or zoom. Stay well and stay safe.