By Emma Pearce-Mogridge 

Negative thoughts happen to all of us. But the trick is not to let them dominate our positive thoughts and energy. To help with this, here are 8 steps to change negative thought patterns. Try and practice these steps every time a negative thought enters your mind, the results will be worth it! 

  1. Acknowledge your negative thought(s) and accept your feelings.
  2. Take notice of the situation and your initial reaction.
  3. Challenge that behaviour.
  4. Come up with healthier alternatives to deal with your negative thought.
  5. Use positive affirmations to reaffirm the new and healthier thought.
  6. Create an action plan to recognize future negative thoughts and repeat this process.
  7. Soon it will become easier to spot negative thoughts and change the thought process.
  8. Reinforcing the idea of changing your thought process can change your life.

You can do this! 

Emma is Nurtured Life’s company Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer. As a trained child and adolescent counsellor and behaviour management specialist, and certified life and executive coach, Emma has always believed in the importance of mental health and self-care. Emma’s compassion for others has deeply motivated her connection with Nurtured Life.

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