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It’s been one of those weeks. You find yourself on the go, meeting after meeting, deadline after deadline, flight after flight. You barely have time for a quick coffee break, let alone a proper sit-down meal. You feel frustrated. Your New Year’s resolution was a commitment to yourself to make healthier nutrition choices and here you are finding it more challenging to set yourself up for success.    

We get it.   

A simple shift in mindset can help you become more mindful of what you are consuming and support you in prioritizing better eating habits during those extra busy work weeks.  

We asked some of our Holistic Nutritionists for 3 tips on how to maintain nutrition health on the go:  

  1. Water, water and yes more water: Drinking plenty of water is the easiest thing you can do for your mind and body during those crazy work weeks. We take for granted that (for the most part) it’s easily accessible from the airport to the boardroom table. Aim to drink about half of your body weight in water – that’s roughly half an ounce to a full ounce of water per pound. Drinking enough water will help improve your digestion, help relieve fatigue (a common symptom of dehydration), flush out toxins and improve overall brain function.  

Did You Know: Drinking a warm glass of water with lemons first thing when you wake up can help maintain your pH balance, detoxify your body, give you a boost of electrolytes and reduce tension.   

  1. Moderate your consumption of caffeine:You had a rough night sleep in your hotel room, you’re jetlagged and generally exhausted. It’s common to think that filling up on coffee, tea or other caffeinated beverages is the cure-all to your energy needs. While your daily cup of joe can give you a jolt of energy and can be enjoyable, part of your morning wake-up routine. Drinking too much caffeine can increase feelings of anxiety, insomnia, increase your blood pressure and heart rate, and even cause rebound fatigue after the caffeine leaves your digestive system. Try sticking to one to two cups of caffeine when you are travelling to maximize the good benefits and limit the not so good benefits. 

Did you know: Research shows that that the best time to drink coffee is two to three hours after waking up when your cortisol levels first begin to dip.    

  1. Be mindful of the food you order: The crux of many business travellers’ pains (or rather guilt). You find yourself stuck in boardrooms eating pre-ordered bagels, cookies, and sandwich platters or at a restaurant where you are unsure of the ingredients you are putting into your body. Being mindful of what you are ordering or selecting from the continental coffee break spread can help. For example, if you know you are going for a steak dinner with your client that night (and are looking forward to it) try upping your intake of fruits, vegetables and lean proteins throughout the day to better balance your nutrition needs.  

Did you know: Eating high-fiber fruit, like an apple, orange or strawberries first thing in the morning (after your glass of lemon water of course) allows your body to maximize the nutritional benefits better than if you consume fruit after your meal. That’s because your body is better equipped to digest the sugars in fruit when your stomach is empty. This maximizes your intake of the nutritional benefits – like fiber, vitamin C and gut healthy antioxidants.   

Remember keeping up with good nutrition during crazy work weeks does not have to be an all or nothing approach. Before you hail a cab to the airport, accept that your dietary habits might not be perfect and that’s okay. Instead, focus on mindful eating and you’ll find you are much more successful.   

Learn more about our Holistic Nutritionists and how they can help you design a dietary plan that makes sense for you.

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